Growing Roses

Rose tips, ideas, how-to’s and more!

How to Grow Roses from Cuttings
Learning how to grow roses from cuttings can save you a lot of money and help you extend your rose garden. Growing roses from stem cuttings is easy with the …

10 Tips for Growing Beautiful Roses
Whether you are a beginner in rose gardening or looking for useful tips on growing roses you have come to the right place. Here you will find tips for everyt…

How to Prune Roses
Knowing how to prune roses can mean the difference between having healthy, beautifulroses and a blooming mess. Knowing how to prune roses will lead to a hea…

A few gardening books I would recommend.

Click on each one for more info.


Identifying Roses

Here are a few of the roses I have completed rose identifications on.

If you have a specific one you would like to add please let me know.I will get it researched and added.

Sundowner Rosa Grandiflora
Sundowner is a beautiful Grandiflora rose. After planting it in my rose garden this spring I think it is now one of my favorite roses. Here you will find tip…

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