Hummingbird Feeders

Not long ago I posted an easy recipe for hummingbird food: The Perfect Hummingbird Food Recipe. This week I want to show you some really cool hummingbird feeders that  I found online. I know, no big deal right? You can buy hummingbird feeders at Walmart. Well, you can but you can’t buy these! These feeders are really unique. Not only are the glass which means they will last longer and not fade but they are really artistic. Some are uniquely shaped or colored, some have really cool designs, some are shapes and themes that I would have never though of…. Here are a few to show you what I mean.


I mean really… where do you ever see these? You can find these and more like them at Unique Hummingbird Feeders. Or you can visit anyone of the photos and they will take you to the page for that specific feeder.


Growing Tomatoes from Seeds

Growing tomatoes from seeds is a great way to save fortune on tomato plants. Tomato plants can cost $2-10 depending on the type of tomato, the size and where you purchase it from. Creating a large tomato garden with 20 tomato plants would cost no less than $40 if you were to buy even the smallest tomato plants from a local garden center or nursery.

The good news is that you can buy a pack of tomato seeds for around the cost of one tomato plant. Tomato seeds run $2-5 a pack depending on the variety. Common varieties such as Better Boy, Better Girl, Early Girl and Big Boys can be bought at places like Walmart for less than $2 and contain 20 or more seeds.

Growing Tomatoes from Seeds

Image Source: Flickr

Cost of Growing Tomatoes from Seeds:

Tomato seeds- $2

Big bag of Miracle Grow Potting Soil: $6

Total: $8 for 20 or more tomato plants!

We can’t count water and fertilizer because those would be required for your store bought plants as well.You can then use old pots, seed trays or purchase a new seed tray for $3. I personally use aluminum pans from the Dollar Tree. They are like 3 for $1. Just be sure to poke holes in the bottom of the pans using a nail, spike or drill. It’s simple!

To learn how grow tomatoes from seeds visit Growing Tomatoes from Seeds. It includes a step by step guide show you how to grow tomatoes from seeds.

Rain, Rain, Come This Way!!!

This Florida heat is taking it’s toll on my garden. Watering, watering, and more watering is expected here in Florida but not this early in the year! We usually don’t see 95-100 degree temps until late June and early July. It’s not even June yet and we are reaching records highs.

With that being said, a little rain would be nice. As I sit here and listen to the weather roaring outside it is a sigh of relief! I didn’t water last night because it was lightening so bad and was starting to sprinkle and was supposed to rain the next 4 hours. Needless to say, when I woke up this morning the rain guage was nice and empty. So now, this awful storm roaring outside is a nice sound!

Remember when the temperatures are hot you need to water more often. Always water deep for vegetables gardens, bushes, shrubs and trees. It make take you a week or so to get used to how long it takes to water the garden ‘deep’ but after a few tries you will have it right. When you are done watering, kick the dirt back, dig or use your heel to see how deep the ground is wet. Make sure it is around 6 inches or so for bushes and shrubs and around that for fruits and veggies.  If the soil is still dry a few inches below the surface continue to water and check until it’s wet around 6 inches deep. You will get the hang of it pretty quick and not have to worry about checking.

What Do YOU Want?

After starting this gardening blog nearly two weeks ago I have been very impressed with the traffic. I want to say I appreciate each and everyone of my viewers- both followers and occasional readers.

My main purpose for creating this blog was to share gardening tips, ideas, how-to’s, my own gardening photos and just about anything else you could think of that is gardening related that may help other gardeners. With that being said I want to make sure that I am posting what YOU my reader wants to read.

Now I want to know what YOU want? I have been very picky on what I post because I was not sure what everyone was wanting or needing. I’ve tried a few how-to’s, gardening ideas, photos, personal posts, and a few others. They have all done very well.

I would like to know what YOU like so that I can keep Gardening With Stephanie as helpful as possible.


Would you like more gardening how-to’s?

More Gardening Ideas?

Gardening photos such a plant identification?

Posts from my own garden and flowerbeds?

Unique gardening and flowerbed ideas? photos?

Please post in the comments section below any and everything you would like to see. If you have questions on a specific plant, pest problem or any other gardening topic please post that as well. I will be sure to post any and everything you desire to read on. Until then, I will keep posting away with what I hope you will enjoy!



Growing Crape Myrtles from Cuttings

Whether you want to reproduce a personal favorite, or looking to save money in the garden, crape myrtle cuttings are a great way to propagate crape myrtles. They can be rooted with new or old growth, though new growth and suckers root much quicker.

I recently planted 26 Sioux Crape Myrtles around my property line with two to a hole in hopes of creating a nice ‘property line’ kinda border around my front yard. They are only about 2 feet tall but should catch on pretty quickly.

By the end of the season I will be propagating the crape myrtles I planted in order to create more for the back yard. I have never had much luck with seed so I stick with cuttings. I will keep you posted on how it goes!

Tutorial: How to Grow Crape Myrtles from Cuttings

Watch Out for Scams for Roses and Rose Seeds

With all the hype bouncing through eBay on selling rose seeds many innocent customers are getting ripped off. There are a few things you should know about buying roses and rose seeds. First of all rainbow roses do not exist. They are dyed. Secondly, black and blue roses do not exist. They are also dyed. With those two quick lessons we can continue on.

Rose Seeds: Beware

There is nothing wrong with buying or selling the rose seeds in general. The problem with buying rose seeds is that new rose propagators are not aware that rose seeds do not come true (with the exception of old antique, rugosa and a few other native roses).  With that being said, it’s impossible to have a certain type color of rose seeds. There is no way to know what colors, shape, size or habits a rose seed will have until it has germinated, bloomed and been monitored for at least two growing seasons.

DO NOT purchase any rose seeds promising a particular color. The most common rose seeds I see scamming the Internet is purple, blue, black and rainbow. Yes, some are actually selling (with real buyers) the unique, florist dyed rainbow roses. Unfortunately this will be impossible to recreate even with the right conditions because it has nothing to do with genetics. Simply a few bottles of dye.

Purchasing Roses:

Do not purchase any blue, black or rainbow roses. They do not exist. Also do not purchase any purple roses unless it is Ebb Tide. Ebb Tide is the only true purple rose. Angel Face, which I personally own, does have hints of purple but is more mauve than anything. When I see someone posting these ‘rare’ colored roses or seeds I do report them and post feedback on the item in hopes that others will see the comments and not purchase them.

I enjoy growing roses and sharing cuttings, tips, and more but I hate to see someone getting ripped off by scam artist!

This photo is a link to Ebb Tide which is Available on Amazon…

This is the only TRUE purple rose.

It can be found on reputable rose sites, in large garden centers and from local growers on Amazon and eBay. Always check the feedback when using eBay to insure you are purchasing your rose from a reputable seller.  Ebb Tide is a very rare rose and highly sought. Be sure you get the best deal and you get what you paid for.

If it doesn’t say Ebb Tide do not purchase as it is not a real purple rose as of 2012.