Growing Roses

Whether you are a beginner or looking to brush up on your rose gardening skills you will find Growing Roses: The Basics helpful. It includes basic information for beginners along with tips, ideas and how-to’s for growing roses. It includes how to grow roses from cuttings and much more!


June is National Rose Month

Yay! I month just for roses. The American Rose Society has officially claimed June as Nation Rose Month. During the month of June I will be posting photos, tips and ideas for growing roses. Feel free to share your own as well! Be sure to let me know if you post anything rose related so that I can add it at the end of the month when we finish it up!

June is National Rose Month
Rose in the photo is ‘Sterling Silver’

Watch Out for Scams for Roses and Rose Seeds

With all the hype bouncing through eBay on selling rose seeds many innocent customers are getting ripped off. There are a few things you should know about buying roses and rose seeds. First of all rainbow roses do not exist. They are dyed. Secondly, black and blue roses do not exist. They are also dyed. With those two quick lessons we can continue on.

Rose Seeds: Beware

There is nothing wrong with buying or selling the rose seeds in general. The problem with buying rose seeds is that new rose propagators are not aware that rose seeds do not come true (with the exception of old antique, rugosa and a few other native roses).  With that being said, it’s impossible to have a certain type color of rose seeds. There is no way to know what colors, shape, size or habits a rose seed will have until it has germinated, bloomed and been monitored for at least two growing seasons.

DO NOT purchase any rose seeds promising a particular color. The most common rose seeds I see scamming the Internet is purple, blue, black and rainbow. Yes, some are actually selling (with real buyers) the unique, florist dyed rainbow roses. Unfortunately this will be impossible to recreate even with the right conditions because it has nothing to do with genetics. Simply a few bottles of dye.

Purchasing Roses:

Do not purchase any blue, black or rainbow roses. They do not exist. Also do not purchase any purple roses unless it is Ebb Tide. Ebb Tide is the only true purple rose. Angel Face, which I personally own, does have hints of purple but is more mauve than anything. When I see someone posting these ‘rare’ colored roses or seeds I do report them and post feedback on the item in hopes that others will see the comments and not purchase them.

I enjoy growing roses and sharing cuttings, tips, and more but I hate to see someone getting ripped off by scam artist!

This photo is a link to Ebb Tide which is Available on Amazon…

This is the only TRUE purple rose.

It can be found on reputable rose sites, in large garden centers and from local growers on Amazon and eBay. Always check the feedback when using eBay to insure you are purchasing your rose from a reputable seller.  Ebb Tide is a very rare rose and highly sought. Be sure you get the best deal and you get what you paid for.

If it doesn’t say Ebb Tide do not purchase as it is not a real purple rose as of 2012.

How to Grow Roses from Cuttings

 Are you looking to extend your rose garden or perhaps replicate a friends prized rose? No problem- you can grow your   favorite roses from cuttings.

 Growing roses from cuttings can be a controversial topic. Some say it’s too hard, some insists that it’s easy. There are dozens of ways to grow roses from cuttings and some techniques are more sophisticated than others. In  How to Grow Roses from Cuttings you will find an easy tutorial for propagating roses by cuttings.

 Growing roses from stem cuttings usually take 3 to 6 weeks depending on the time of year, how well you take care of them  and they type of rose your are propagating.

Take note every single cutting most likely will not root. With that said, take a few extra cuttings to  insure a higher success rate. You can always pass on your extra rooted cuttings to a friend.

Tutorial: How to Grow Roses from Cuttings