How to Grow Lilies


Lilies are beautiful perennials that are easy to grow. Lilies grow well in containers and are great for adding color and height to flower beds. With proper care, lilies will come back year after year, multiplying continuously. To learn more about growing lilies, check out How to Grow Lilies. It will teach your how to care for lilies including planting lilies, fertilizing , water and sun requirements for lilies, breeding, dividing lily bulbs and much more.

How to Grow Lilies

growing lilies

My first lily of the year bloomed a banana yellow. So pretty and vary fragrant.


Spider Plant Bloom

My new variegated Spider Plant is blooming. It’s so dainty and small.


Below is one of the plantlets. To be in a 4″ pot it has three tendrils full of babies and more coming out the top.


How to Grow Begonias from Cuttings

I purchased a medium size Angel Wing Begonia last week. Over the weekend end I managed to find time to take propagate it. I managed 18 cuttings which should be ready in 1 to 2 weeks.

Begonia Cuttings

Growing begonias from cuttings is very easy and is perfect for beginner. I would recommend propagating begonias from cuttings for anyone who is impatient when it comes to seeing progress or those with little experience including beginners, children or new begonia growers.

I also created a post just on growing begonias from cuttings. These instructions are for any type of begonia. Just remember to keep them moist and shaded.

How to Grow Begonias from Cuttings

Tutorial: How to Grow Begonias from Cuttings.