How to Grow Begonias from Cuttings

I purchased a medium size Angel Wing Begonia last week. Over the weekend end I managed to find time to take propagate it. I managed 18 cuttings which should be ready in 1 to 2 weeks.

Begonia Cuttings

Growing begonias from cuttings is very easy and is perfect for beginner. I would recommend propagating begonias from cuttings for anyone who is impatient when it comes to seeing progress or those with little experience including beginners, children or new begonia growers.

I also created a post just on growing begonias from cuttings. These instructions are for any type of begonia. Just remember to keep them moist and shaded.

How to Grow Begonias from Cuttings

Tutorial: How to Grow Begonias from Cuttings.