What Do YOU Want?

After starting this gardening blog nearly two weeks ago I have been very impressed with the traffic. I want to say I appreciate each and everyone of my viewers- both followers and occasional readers.

My main purpose for creating this blog was to share gardening tips, ideas, how-to’s, my own gardening photos and just about anything else you could think of that is gardening related that may help other gardeners. With that being said I want to make sure that I am posting what YOU my reader wants to read.

Now I want to know what YOU want? I have been very picky on what I post because I was not sure what everyone was wanting or needing. I’ve tried a few how-to’s, gardening ideas, photos, personal posts, and a few others. They have all done very well.

I would like to know what YOU like so that I can keep Gardening With Stephanie as helpful as possible.


Would you like more gardening how-to’s?

More Gardening Ideas?

Gardening photos such a plant identification?

Posts from my own garden and flowerbeds?

Unique gardening and flowerbed ideas? photos?

Please post in the comments section below any and everything you would like to see. If you have questions on a specific plant, pest problem or any other gardening topic please post that as well. I will be sure to post any and everything you desire to read on. Until then, I will keep posting away with what I hope you will enjoy!




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