Growing Your Own Squash

There’s nothing like going out and picking fresh squash from the garden. The thought of fresh picked, fried squash makes my mouth-water… which is pretty surprising that I don’t eat many veggies. I prefer to grow squash from seed because it’s easy, cheap and I can assure I’m getting the best quality.

This year I planted a tray of squash and sent a few home with my dad. I usually go with crookneck but this year I picked up straight-neck by accident and everyone loved them. Here is a photo of the 7 plants he planted. He picks from them daily.

My Daddy’s Squash Plants…

If you are debating on whether to buy squash plants or grow your own I would suggest to grow your own. You can get a pack of squash seeds for $1-2 and have 30 or so plants. Give them away or plant them all. If you want to learn how to grow your own squash from seed check out How to Grow Squash from Seed.

Quick & Easy Fried Squash Recipe

  1. Cut squash into thin slices
  2. Lightly salt and pepper
  3. Flour Squash and shake of the excess
  4. Deep fry (or pan fry with about 1 inch of oil) on medium-high  or about 325 degrees F,  heat until flour is golden brown.  2-5 minutes depending on how thick you cut them.

I prefer to cut mine about 2-3 mm thick as I like them crispy. Some prefer them thicker, say, half a centimeter. I like my crispy because I can’t do the texture… As stated before I don’t eat many veggies. However, you give me a crispy-fried squash and I will show you how to go to town on it.


One thought on “Growing Your Own Squash

  1. I didnt like zuccini either until one year decided to grow my own brought them inside peeled them and diced them small put them in skillet with some butter and fried until golden and with just salt on them and fell in love with them now I grow them each year and cook them almost everyday as a side dish to eat and I learnt how to make zucchini bread and so now I am into doing that this is one happy camper now oh one thing is try to fry them with onions together yummy the onions turn sweet and puts the flavor into the zucchini so yummy

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